World Congress on Micro and Nano Manufacturing

Jointly organised by the 4M Association, the International Institution for Micro Manufacturing (I2M2) and the International Forum on Micro Manufacturing (IFMM)

Congress Chair

Joško Valentinčič, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia

Congress Co-Chairs

Stefan Dimov, University of Birmingham, UK

Martin Byung-Guk Jun, Purdue University, USA

Kuniaki Dohda, Northwestern University, USA


Slovenia is a small country on the sunny side of Alps. Foreigners say that Slovenia is a land of countless attractions, a country that surprises you at every step. This small corner of Europe brings together the picturesque characteristics of the Alpine, Karst, Pannonian and Mediterranean worlds. The congress will be held at the Remisens Hotel Metropol in Portorož.

Important Dates

The main congress programme takes place from the 18th to the 20th of September 2018

NEW Submission Deadline: 8th of April 2018

Feedback from the peer review to authors: 15th of May 2018

Submission deadline of revised final paper: 5th of June 2018

Notification of acceptance in Final Publication: 25th of June 2018

Authors Final Registration: 4th of July 2018

Public Final Registration: 20th of August 2018

Congress Theme

  • Micro fabrication technologies, process chains and process characterisation
  • Novel product designs, micro-assembly technologies and micro-handling
  • Surface engineering and interface nanotechnology
  • Process modelling and simulation
  • Processing and characterisation of smart materials, multifunctional materials, nanomaterials and material related issues in micro and nano scale
  • Micro and nano additive manufacturing technologies
  • Micro and desktop factory concepts, systems, components and modules
  • On-line monitoring and inspection systems/methods
  • Standardization in micro manufacturing and micro factories
  • Applications of micro and nano technologies: microreactor technologies, microsensors and actuators

    Contact Us

    For further information on:

    Contact: Mr. Afif Batal.

    Congress Registration

    Conference Registration Now Open


    In order for a paper to be included in the conference programme and appear in the proceedings at least one author must register for the conference before the 4th of July 2018. The Authors Final Registration deadline is fixed in relation to the production cycle of the proceedings and cannot be changed.

    VISA Information

    Slovenia is part of the Schengen Area and thus please get in contact with your local Embassy of Slovenia if you require a Schengen VISA to enter the country for more information on the application process.

    In case you need an invitation letter to obtain visa, please send your request to Contact: Afif Batal

    At least one of the following criteria must be met to obtain an invitation letter:

    • be an author of an accepted paper;

    • have paid the registration fee.

    IMPORTANT: Current 4M and I2M2 Members can register at a special rate, details below. For a list of current members, click here>>. Students are also eligible for the discount but must provide evidence. If you are not a member or a student then you are not eligible for the 4M/I2M2 discounts.

    Those who are not 4M or I2M2 members are not eligible for the 4M or I2M2 discount.


    Conference Fees

    Before 1st of August 2018

    Early Bird for 4M members & Students: £380

    Early Bird for I2M2 members: £530

    Early Bird for non-members: £590

    After 1st of August 2018

    Late payers for 4M members & students: £450

    Late payers for I2M2 members: £580

    Late payers for non-members: £650

    Those who are not 4M or I2M2 members are not eligible for the 4M or I2M2 discount. Check the following link for information on 4M membership. Joining 4M

    The conference fees (in GBP) include printed proceedings, lunches, refreshments, and conference dinner.


    One Day Conference Fee

    One day conference fee: £250

    Gala Dinner for accompanying people

    (19th of September 2018)

    Ticket for social event: £55

    Congress Programme

    A cocktail reception is available on the evening of the 17th at the congress venue.

    The main congress programme starts with the registration at 8:00 on the 18th and ends after lunch, around 14:00, on the 20th.

    Kindly download the detailed programme from the link below.

    Detailed Programme.pdf817.03 KB

    Call for Papers

    Deadline Extended: 8th of April 2018

    Kindly download the call for papers in the attachment below, it contains all the relevant information including a list of themes and important dates.

    Fourth Call for Papers WCMNM 2018.pdf450.07 KB

    Invited Speakers 2018

    Professor Ehsan Toyserkani (University of Waterloo, Canada)

    Research Interests: Additive Manufacturing, Monitoring And Closed-loop Control Of Additive Manufacturing, Laser Material Processing, Mechatronics Design, Bio-additive Manufacturing & Additive Manufacturing Of Smart Structures With Embedded Optical Sensors.

    Dr. Ita Junkar (Jožef Stefan Institute, Slovenia)

    Research Interests: Biomaterials, Surface Topography, Surface Chemistry, Surface Treatment & Orthopedics.

    Professor Harald Giessen (University of Stuttgart, Germany)

    Research Interests: Additive Manufacturing, Micro and Nano Optics, Optics' Design, Nanoplasmonics, Metamaterials & Ultrafast Laser Sources.

    Scientific Committee

    Scientific Chairs

    Irene Fassi (ITIA-CNR, Italy)

    Samuel Bigott (Cardiff University, UK)

    Tohru Sasaki (University of Toyama, Japan)

    Committee Members

    Annoni, Massimiliano

    Attanasio, Aldo

    Basile, Vito

    Bissacco, Giuliano

    Bordatchev, Evgueni

    Bruschi, Stefania

    Castagne, Sylvie

    Cheng, Kai

    Chung, Chunhui

    Dong, Xianghuai

    D'urso, Gianluca

    Ehmann, Kornel

    Elkaseer, Ahmed

    Ferraris, Eleonora

    Fillon, Bertrand

    Fu, Ming Wang

    Geng, Yanquan

    Guo, Ping

    Hansen, Hans Noergaard

    Hanumaiah, Naga

    Jun, Martin Byung-Guk

    Kapoor, Shiv G.

    Koç, Muammer

    Korkolis, Yannis

    Kulinsky, Lawrence

    Leach, Richard

    Lee, Antony H. C.

    Li, Hsin-Chung

    Li, Kuan-Ming

    Li, Yong

    Lu, Ming-Chyuan

    Lucchetta, Giovanni

    Mahayotsanun, Numpon

    Manabe, Ken-Ichi

    Marumo, Yasuo

    Mativenga, Paul

    Matsumura, Takashi

    Mendibil, Xabier

    Meng, Yonggang

    Modica, Francesco

    Nagahanumaiah, Nagahanumaiah

    Natsu, Wataru

    Ngaile, Gracious

    Ozdoganlar, Burak

    Parenti, Paolo

    Park, Simon

    Pfefferkorn, Frank

    Pham, Duc

    Pugin, Raphaël

    Quintana, Iban

    Rajurkar, K.P

    Ravasio, Chiara

    Rebaioli, Lara

    Ruggeri, Serena

    Saleh, Tanveer

    Sasaki, Tohru

    Singh, Ramesh

    Song, Xu

    Subbiah, Sathyan

    Surace, Rossella

    Tosello, Guido

    Velten, Thomas

    Wang, J.-J. Junz

    Whiteside, Ben

    Wiens, Gloria

    Xu, Zongwei

    Yan, Jiwang

    Yan, Yongda

    Zhao, Wansheng

    License Agreement 2018

    License agreement

    To publish your paper in the proceedings, the University of Birmingham requests a formal written License agreement from the copyright owners for each article published. To avoid any delay in the publication of your article, please read the terms of the agreement, sign and return the completed form to us at the address below by the specified deadline.

    The agreement establishes that the Licensor owns the copyright in the Article and grants the University of Birmingham a non-exclusive, royalty-free license in the Article to use the article for the Permitted Purpose, together with the right to sub-license as detailed below.

    The Permitted Purpose shall mean the University of Birmingham's right to publish the Article on any website controlled by the University of Birmingham, and for paper or electronic copies to be downloaded by third parties upon a free basis. The University of Birmingham shall also have the right to sub-license the Articles to third parties so that the Article may be placed upon websites controlled by such third parties and for paper or electronic copies to be downloaded by other third parties upon a free basis.

    The licensor warrants that:

    • the Licensor owns the copyright in the work created by the authors.
    • the Article submitted is original and has been written by the stated authors.
    • the Article contains no libelous or other unlawful statements and does not contain any materials that violate any personal or proprietary rights of any other person or entity.
    • the Licensor has obtained written permission from copyright owners for any excerpts from copyrighted works that are included and have credited the sources in the Article or the supplemental tables, illustrations or other information submitted.


    Please download the WCMNM2018 License Agreement by clicking on the attachment below. When you have completed it please scan, post or email it, by the specified deadline, to the 4M Association Officer at the address below. If posting, please also email a confirmation.

    Mr. Afif Batal
    School of Engineering
    University of Birmingham
    B15 2TT

    Afif Batal

    WCMNM2018_Copyright License Agreement.docx18.76 KB

    The Social Programme & Gala Dinner

    Cocktail Reception

    The evening of 17th September 2018 at the congress venue.

    Social Programme

    After the congress programme on the 19th of September before heading to the Gala dinner.

    Enjoy a guided tour of one of Slovenia's major tourist attractions: the historic and picturesque town of Piran. The town has considerable medieval architecture, with narrow streets and compact houses. Piran is the birthplace of composer and violinist Giuseppe Tartini, who played an important role in shaping its cultural heritage. The town's main square, Tartini Square, is named after him.

    Gala Dinner

    Tri Vdove Restaurant


    Prešernovo nabrežje 4, 6330 Piran, Slovenia

    Phone: +386 5673 02 91

    Website: http://restaurant-3vdove.si/index.php/EN

    Venue, Travel and Accommodation

    Preferred Accommodation

    REMISENS are offering reduced prices at their range of hotels in Portorož for participants in WCMNM 2018:

    All the above hotels are very close to the conference venue.

    To make your bookings please follow one of the below links accordingly:

    Hotel Lucija single room

    Hotel Lucija double room

    Casa Bel Moretto double room single use

    Casa Bel Moretto double room

    Casa Rosa double room single use

    Casa Rosa double room

    Hotel Metropol single room

    Hotel Metropol double room

    ATTENTION: If you require nights before or after the congress dates, please only book the dates of the congress using the links above and then send the booking confirmation along with the required extra nights to Mr. Ronald Kvarantan to guarantee the reduced rates.

    NOTE: Offer expires 45 days before the start of the congress.


    Remisens Premium Hotel Metropol

    Obala 75A

    6320 Portorož


    Tel - +385 51 710 444


    Transfers from all three nearby airports to Portorož can be booked online through GoOpti.

    From Trieste (TRS) ~ 1.5 hours

    From Ljubljana (LJU) ~ 2 hours

    From Venice (VCE) ~ 2.5 hours

    Alternatively, car rentals are cheap, fast and available at all three airports.

    From Trieste (TRS) ~ 1 hour

    From Ljubljana (LJU) ~ 1.5 hours

    From Venice (VCE) ~ 2 hours

    Additional information regarding the venue and travel can be found in the pdf file below.

    Venue and Travel Information v.3.pdf968.35 KB
    Hotel Offers.png10.58 KB

    AITeM Photo Contest 2018

    WCMNM2018 AITeM Photo Contest

    A typical side effect when working in the micro domain is represented by some really interesting pictures of novel creations. The WCMNM2018 Photo Contest, sponsored by the AITeM Group of Interest on Micro Manufacturing Engineering, is a forum to display these pictures for recognition and evaluation by leading researchers in the field.

    The winning picture will be announced during the WCMNM2018 conference.

    Official Rules

    Important Dates

    Final Entry Documents Due – September 15th 2018

    Eligibility and Scope

    Any researcher is eligible to participate. Both individual and group entries are welcome. An individual may participate in several entries provided each submission is on a different subject. Teams including undergraduate and graduate students are strongly encouraged and will be favoured.

    The scope of what constitutes a “micro or nano-system” for the purposes of this contest is rather broad. For this competition, photos of a “micro or nano-system” are defined as images of: A full system or a system component(s) or surface for, but not limited to, micro mechanisms, micro- and nano-robots, micro and nano parts, microfluidics, BioMEMS/NEMS, bio-systems, and sensors and actuators at the micro and nano-scale or for sensing/actuating at the micro and nano-scale.

    Contact the contest coordinator if you have any questions about whether your photo lies within the scope of this contest.

    Final Entry Documents

    The Final Entry Documents should include one Photo Page document as a single pdf file. Participants may format the photo page in any way they like to maximize the readability and presentation of the content. Please contact the contest coordinator if you have any questions in this regard. The Photo Page document should include the following information:

  • The WCMNM 2018 Conference heading at the top of the page. Instead of a paper number, use the following: PHOTO-CONTEST
  • Photo title
  • Name(s) of the participant(s)
  • Affiliation
  • Photo
  • 1 – 2 paragraph (100-200 words) description of the photo describing it and what makes it interesting and/or novel.

    Submission Procedure

    Please e-mail the documents to the contest coordinator, Prof. Giovanni Lucchetta: giovanni.lucchetta@unipd.it

    Judging and Scoring

  • The Final Entry documents will be evaluated by members of the AITeM GoI MME
  • All conference attendees are eligible to vote to determine the winner(s)
  • Winners will be announced at the conference gala dinner



    The AITeM medal award will be assigned to the author/s of the best picture during the conference gala dinner.

    Sponsor logo photo contest.jpg4.79 KB
  • The Elena Ulieru Innovation Award

    In memory of Elena Ulieru, SITEX, in cooperation with the 4M Association will offer a prize at WCMNM 2018, for the best paper presentation by a young female scientist entitled “The Elena Ulieru Innovation Award". Elena was an active partner of the 4M Network of Excellence (NoE) and also a very successful author, who contributed papers to the 4M Conferences. Elena initiated research activities on monitoring systems’ development and implementation for medical, environment and ICT communications technologies. Also, Elena played an important role as CEO of SITEX, and senior researcher, proposer, partner and coordinator of several national and European R&D cooperation projects.

    The Award package includes

    •A laser processed art work of glass

    •500 € directly paid to the winner personal account

    •A free trip to Bucharest to visit SITEX (optional).

    Paper presentations on all conference topics are eligible for this award. For more information contact the 4M Association Officer, Mr Afif Batal.

    Sponsoring WCMNM 2018

    The 2nd World Congress on Micro and Nano Manufacturing, WCMNM 2018, organised jointly by the 4M Association, the International Institution for Micro Manufacturing (I2M2) and the International Forum on Micro Manufacturing (IFMM) will be held from 18th to 20th September 2018 in Portorož, Slovenia, bringing together the worldwide community of micromanufacturing experts. The Congress focuses on processes, equipment and systems for fabricating miniature parts with nano/micro/meso scale features and dimensions.

    Stand out from the rest in front of more than 100 micro-manufacturing experts from around the world. As a sponsor, you can promote your company’s mission even more effectively to the assembled individuals and organisations attending WCMNM 2018 while learning about the latest advances in micro-manufacturing research.

    Platinum Sponsorship Package


    Gold Package


    Silver Package


    Bronze Package


    If you are interested in sponsoring the conference, please contact Afif Batal.

    Applied Sciences Micro/Nano Manufacturing Issue

    Selected contributions to WCMNM 2018, will be considered for publication in a special issue of Applied Sciences. The Micro/Nano Manufacturing issue intends to cover, but is not limited to, the following topics:

  • Micro fabrication technologies, process chains and process characterisation;
  • Novel product designs, micro-assembly technologies and micro-handling;
  • Surface engineering and interface nanotechnology;
  • Process modelling and simulation;
  • Processing and characterisation of smart materials, multifunctional materials, nanomaterials and material related issues in micro and nano scale;
  • Micro and nano additive manufacturing technologies;
  • Micro and desktop factory concepts, systems, components and modules;
  • On-line monitoring and inspection systems/methods;
  • Standardization in micro manufacturing and micro factories;
  • Applications of micro and nano technologies: microreactor technologies, microsensors and actuators

    Prof. Dr. André Zimmermann

    Prof. Dr. Stefan Dimov

    Guest Editors

    Deadline for manuscript submissions: 30 November 2018

    More information on this special issue can be found by clicking here and by downloading the flyer from the attachment below.

    Micro-Nano_Manufacturing-Flyer.pdf125.52 KB
  • 4 Page Paper Submission & Guidelines 2018

    Submission OPEN

    NEW Submission Deadline: 08th of April 2018

    To submit your contribution please click HERE.

    Kindly use the Paper Format attached below.

    WCMNM2018 4 Page Paper Format.doc50.5 KB