EUMINAfab 5th Call Open

EUMINAfab: the European Research Infrastructure for multimaterial micro and nano fabrication and characterization, opens the 5th call for no fee access to 37 installations containing equipment to high end micro and nano technologies.

Researchers from both research and industry based in EU member or associated states may apply for access to one or more of the 37 installations based at our partner sites across Europe. Proposals are subject to Peer review; and are intended for publication by the users. EUMINAfab is funded by European Commission FP7 Capacities programme which covers the cost of the transnational user access.

Started in March 2009, EUMINAfab has demonstrated 17 successfull projects up to February 2011. 13% still need to be evaluated at this point of time. With a successful evaluation rate of about 70% of the proposed applications, the acceptance for user projects is very high. The last EUMINAfab call attracted 14 proposals.

EUMINAfab offers users a comprehensive technology profile that is unique even on a global scale. It captures technologies of Micronano Patterning, Thin Film Deposition, Replication and Characterisation. While the Micronano Patterning technologies seem to be the most attractive ones so far, there are still open resources in the other technologies, especially in Thin Film Deposition. We were pleased to see that the new installation Nano Imprint Lithography, launched at TEKNIKER, could be successfully integrated into the variety of technologies that were asked for by our users.

Four steps to submit a proposal:
1. Draft your ideas
2. Check our technologies
3. Talk to our experts & verify your ideas
4. Prepare the proposal & submit

Please see our Portal for details of the technologies offered and to download a copy of our user guidelines. Also for questions concerning the application you will find broad information on the website.

For further information on EUMINAfab please contact: Scientific Coordinator Susan Anson or the User office.

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