EUMINAfab - second Call Opens.

The second call for applications for work in EUMINAfab begins on Monday March 1st 2010.

EUMINAfab is the first European research infrastructure for micronano fabrication of functional structures and devices out of a multitude of functional materials, predominantly those other than classical IC-materials (IC: integrated circuit).

In the case of public research EUMINAfab offers no-fee access to 36 installations in combination with the necessary technological and scientific expertise in the areas of micro and nano patterning, thin film deposition, replication and characterisation.

In the case of proprietary research EUMINAfab’s offer remains the same, however on the basis of full cost recovery.

Access is by written proposal submission through the EUMINAfab Entry Point which is available on the EUMINAfab website, and will be granted according to international standards by independent peer review (public research).

Since it welcomed its first user in January 2010 the EUMINAfab infrastructure has received numerous applications for no fee access to the facilities available at the eight European partner sites. Experience has shown that the time from submission of an application through to being given the go ahead takes an average of six weeks but can be as short as one or two weeks, even allowing for an independent Peer Review Panel.

The second call for applications is open 1st March until 31st August 2010. Information on the 36 installations available, and details of how to apply can be found on

Enquiries are welcomed by email to Susan Anson, or you can contact her by telephone: +49 7247 72 00 22.

A flyer announcing the second call is available to download by clicking on the icon below.

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