EUMINAfab starts operation.

EUMINAfab is the first European Research Infrastructure on multimaterial micro and nanotechnology. It offers open and no-cost access to state of the art fabrication and characterisation technologies for a multitude of functional materials. EUMINAfab combines the scientific expertise and technological capacities of 10 leading European institutions from industry and academia, creating a unique source of knowledge and capabilities in micro nano technologies for European researchers from industry or academia.

EUMINAfab is a one-stop shop for its users who are invited to work with the state-of-the-art machines of EUMINAfab’s partners. Access is granted upon an on-line submission of a proposal via The access is free of cost for public research. In case of non-public and proprietary work, EUMINAfab offers an utmost level of confidentiality under full cost recovery.

EUMINAfab and its public users are funded by the European Commission until 2013 in order to facilitate the industrial uptake of emerging technologies for developing new products and creating tangible economic and competitive advantages to European researchers, engineers and product developers in micro and nano technologies. The European Commission supports transnational access to EUMINAfab installations by reimbursing access costs of the installations and the travel expenses of its users.

“We are ready to work with our users”, says Matthias Kautt, EUMINAfab’s project co-ordinator from the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology. “With quite a comprehensive technology portfolio from IC-related processes over multimaterial micro and nano to bio-inspired technologies we aim at creating dedicated micro and nano solutions for our users’ problems, enabling specific competitive advantages in the economic as well as academic arena. Each of these technologies is backed by local scientific experts who are open to solve the grand challenges or specific problems of our industrial or academic users.”

User benefit from a holistic approach on emerging micro and nanotechnologies EUMINAfab users benefit from efficient solutions in multimaterial micro and nano fabrication, hands-on access or services on emerging micro and nano technologies, testing and evaluating new technologies for their applications and the development of tailored process chains. By combining and further increasing the Interoperability of emerging and also converging micro nano technologies, EUMINAfab aims to accelerate the development processes of its users by 30 %. Therefore EUMINAfab together with its users constantly improves a specific understanding of these technologies by pursuing joint research projects such as technology readiness levelling. EUMINAfab will develop a knowledge management system within the project’s lifetime that is also open to its users.

Submitting a proposal to apply for access to EUMINAfab’s technologies consists of four easy steps:

  1. User drafts its idea
  2. User checks technologies and expertise within EUMINAfab via the virtual entry point(
  3. User talks with a technical expert that he/she identified at the website as fitting best to his/her ideas
  4. User creates his/her proposal and submits it as a pdf file

Public access - free of cost - is subject to a successful evaluation of the proposal by an independent peer review process according to international standards of impartiality and transparency.

The first call for proposals is launched 1st September 2009 and following calls will be published at six monthly intervals. However, proposals may be submitted at any time during open calls and will be handled at the earliest opportunity, even before the close of the call. Developments requiring repeated access to a single installation may be applied for in a single proposal. Proposals may request the use of one or more installation.

A comprehensive technology portfolio, detail of which can be seen on the EUMINAfab website consists of 36 installations with the necessary technical support personnel in the areas of micro and nano patterning, thin film deposition, replication and characterisation. The portfolio of individual installations and machines represent a capital investment of more than 200 M€ that is offered under EUMINAfab’s virtual entry point to its industrial and academic stakeholders.

More information can be obtained from:

EUMINAfab User Office
C/O Forschungszentrum Karlsruhe GmbH,
NANOMICRO: Science, Technology, Systems
Dr. Susan Anson
Tel: 0049 (0) 7247 82 81 03
Fax: 0049 (0) 7247 82 55 78

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