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Nickel-Phosphorous (NiP)

material properties:
thermal stability up to 600°C
most relevant chemical non-resistance: nitric acid
optical transparency: no

process parameters:
temperature: 90°C
used chemicals: nickel sulphate
layer thickness: unlimited

Process Details

used material: 2-hydroxyethyl methacrylate

material properties:
most relevant chemical non-resistance: hydrophilic

process parameters:
temperature: room temperature
processing: spin-coating followed by plasma polymerization
coating to increase wettability (hydrophilicity) and prevent non-biofouling

Process Details

process parameters:
temperature: roomtemp.
used chemicals: ammonium fluoride
notes: Dip to remove native O2


process parameters:
used chemicals: Oxygen plasma
flow rate of gas: up to 200 sccm
RF plasma: up to 300 W


process parameters:
used chemicals: Oxygen plasma
flow rate of gas: 20 sccm
RF plasma: 100-150 W


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