Concurrent micro/nano processes and materials design


This workshop brings together researchers and industrial experts in micro/nano structuring and material processing technologies to discuss the viability of adopting a synergetic approach in the development of materials and corresponding technologies for their processing.

In particular the aim is to identify needs and ideas for material-process integration in ‘materials –> processes –>product’ chains suitable for synergetic design and development , e.g. for improving the quality and feature resolution of functional components and replication tools for optical and micro fluidics applications, UV and thermal imprinting masters and micro injection moulding inserts.

10:00 Welcome and Registration

10:15 Concurrent process and material Design Concepts

10:45 State of the art and application examples

11:15 Coffee break and separation into working groups

11:30 Working Groups: Potential Applications

12:30 Lunch

13:30 Working Groups: Applications and required R&D

15:00 Wrap up session

16:00 Finish

To register for this free workshop contact the 4M office.

4th congress on Micro and Nano Manufacturing

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