Workshop on Microdosing Systems


Micropumps - Research, Industrialistaion, Applications - a one day view into dynamic innovations

This annual workshop on microfluidic actuation, run since 2002, illustrates current research trends as well as emerging industrial appplications in this field.

The use of microfluidic actuators for microdosing applications is considered a key technology within many technological disciplines. From fuel cell systems to bioanalytics , the need for small yet precise dosing systems is ubiquitous. Piezo-driven micropumps have become commercially available in recent time and are ready to be integrated into new and innovative products. A synopsis of premiere industrial applications is presented at this workshop.

In addition to the industrial viewpoint, theoretical and design topics introduce the participants of the workshop to microfuidic actuator and component design. The workshop will be rounded off by exemplifying latest research efforts, such as implantable drug delivery systems, cell sorting devices and novel shape memory driven micro-valves.

The one-day workshop at Fraunhofer IZM is relevant for engineers, scientists as well as entrepreneurs who already utilise micropumps or plan to use them in the future and to acquire or deepen their knowledge in this field. Joint discussions, also with the speakers, serve to enhance the experience. Exhibits and posters support the lectures.

Workshop fee is €290 including the seminar proceedings and catering.

For registration contact Diliana Panayotova.

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